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IEC 61850 training in Rome, Italy

November 7-11, 2016 - Rome, Italy


Platform for Digital Instrument Transformers

LAN training in Vilnius, Lithuania

March 13-16, 2017 - Vilnius, Lithuania


TEKVEL Engineering Company

TEKVEL is IEC 61850-focused company, providing consultancy and solutions for IEC 61850 projects.

Company provides the following services for the clients:

  • IEC 61850 engineering 
  • IED and software development 
  • Software and hardware distribution


tekvel Our efforts in creating great and easy-to-use tool to maintain digital substations during the lifecycle were... https://t.co/t4VpY4o1NY
tekvel We are ready for #iec61850europe. GOOSE Wheel goes Live today in Amsterdam. https://t.co/NfUZafm8UV
tekvel We are at the major #IEC61850 event in Europe. Tomorrow Tekvel Park goes LIVE in Amsterdam https://t.co/uVh64vWQsq
tekvel Tekvel Park is ready for Rugrids Electro // Теквел Парк готов к Rugrids Electro https://t.co/2zxSzaUaN7
tekvel Our GOOSE Wheel to go LIVE in just a week... Vist our booth at IEC 61850 Europe 2016 to know more. https://t.co/FM5K3FQc3O
tekvel We are excited to announce the beginning of cooperation between Tekvel and Rod Hughes Consulting, aimed at... https://t.co/gurmgLZNaJ
tekvel Видеоотчёт с обучающего семинара по стандарту МЭК 61850, состоявшегося в г. Гомель (Республика Беларусь) в период... https://t.co/0tTjy4wKJN